Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Merry Christmas!

We have had an absolutely delightful holiday. 
On Christmas Eve, we made gingerbread houses and invited Grandma, Grandpa, and Kevin down to help us. 

You may notice Natalie's chin...stitches from a fateful sledding incident last week:

She was very brave and the injury seems to be healing up nicely.

Back to gingerbread houses though:

Kevin made a windmill. 
Sadly, I didn't catch a picture before it bit the dust. 

It was a lovely Christmas Day as well. 

 Megan got Kinetic Sand. Curses. I find it all about the house now. 

Natalie got an art set, amongst other things. 

Kim and Alicia got ski tickets. 

Each of the girls made something for one of their sisters (the best gifts by far of the day):

Megan helped sew a Dr. Who Adipose for Kim 

Kim painted a picture for Alicia and got each of them a sister's ring that hadn't yet arrived 
(hence the picture).

Alicia made an Articles of Faith holder for Natalie.

Natalie helped sew a lipstick pillow for Megan. 

It was a much-enjoyed day. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing games, watching movies, and putting together puzzles, then enjoyed a Christmas Dinner with John's family. 

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Nelson Nine said...

Great Christmas and I loved your column!